This site’s purpose is to track and encourage my mathematical reading while giving me a central location to record my observations and comments on whatever I’m reading. I hope that others will be motivated to share their own thoughts and comments, or suggest relevant readings.

For now the blog’s name is “Readings in modern applied math.” Modern as opposed to classical: I’m NOT interested in classical applied math (PDEs and related numerical methods). I’m interested in the more modern ‘informatic aspects’ of applied math and the associated theory. What I mean by that should become clear as I post (actually, here’s a precis of the research I’ve done so far, and some things I’m interested on working on in the future), but essentially for now think of the type of work being done by the likes of:

(applied people) Christos Boutisidis, Petros Drineas, Michael Mahoney, Benjamin Recht, Joel Tropp, Emmanuel Candes, Daniel Hsu, Mark Tygert, Nam Nguyen

(more theoretical) Daniel Spielman, Mark Rudelson, Roman Vershynin, Pascal Massart, Michel Ledoux, Michel Talagrand, Sara van de Geer

So, if you’re interested, subscribe to the blog to get updates, and comment to let me know of any work or researchers you think I may find interesting.

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